How do I make my meme HOT?
In order for your meme to show up in the hot page users must LOVE () your meme and not just facebook like it.  Once your meme has enough love it will become HOT!

What kind of content can  I put on the site?
You can put a picture, a video, or even a song that you want to share with everyone as long as it is fun and doesn’t offend anyone and is not affiliated or against any political party or religion.

What about copyrighted material?
We respect originality and creativity and we also understand that memes are taken from somewhere and manipulated.  Please always try to source whenever you can to give credit where credit is due.  Also if you feel like there is any copyright infringement please contact us and we will deal with it ASAP.

What’s the deal with the keyboard and special keys ?
If you click on the keyboard that you see on the top right you will see some advanced navigation tricks for better user experience.

Why is my page garbled or does not show properly?
You are most likely using an old browser that is not supported properly (IE6!). Time to upgrade your browser to something modern.

How do I change my password?
Once you log in, you can go to your profile then to “My settings” where you’ll be able to change all of your personal information such as email, name, password, etc.

How can I submit some feedback on your site?
We love hearing from our users, so any input is great! Please click here to contact us.


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